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Dreams! What are dreams? I don’t know what it is in your opinion and literally i don’t care. I will follow what i know. I will follow what i know is good. I will follow what worths to be followed. Ok! Sorry for being arrogant. But i did this to prove rather introduce a point. “Never let anyone make you change your perspective about something worth achieving unless it is your teacher, guide or mentor”. And one thing; wherever you are, whatever you are you will always need a teacher a guide to teach you what you don’t know. Coming to the point, what is dream? In my perspective a dream is a path created by the will of of a person and hidden in spurious achievements, goal, anger, arrogance, ignorance and many other behaviours and goals.

        Dreams are a network in the network of the “the big wig” of the body. May motivate you or make you look like a sloth. But a dream can also change the course of a person. 

  • Achieving dreams.

    A revolution can change the world. This dream it is a revolution but is limited to our mind, changing a person’s behaviour and his mental conditions. Dreams affect your behaviour. A man with a goal, with a purpose to live is very much different from a man with an empty mind. From a man who doesn’t think about himself, doesn’t think about his future. Dreams are created to change. There are thousands of example of people who changed their life and with mere hardwork, sense of responsibility  and the will to do what is necessary for continuity of their life. They lived their live to the fullest. Those  people think that without having a purpose in life a man can literally be called as flesh, “dead meat”. Will is everything. Therefore achieving something may be easy or difficult depends upon our will to achieve it. But to gain something first you must learn to lose something. And losing something doesn’t mean that you are at the side of sufferings. Nature has a balance. If you are happy today, prepare for the worst because if its spring doesn’t mean it will last forever or autumn won’t come. It surely will come. If you are living from hand to mouth or you are facing very hard times you shouldn’t lose hope because after a hurricane a rainbow always come. These hard times won’t last forever. But it doesn’t mean you should wait for good times to come in a bad situation. You must have the will to transcend the clutches of fate. It take nothing to bring a disaster to yourself  but you have to work hard, you must have the will to bring capital out of disaster. 

   Hence to achieve what we want we need three things to bring in ourselves.

  • Hardwork
  • Will
  • Firm believe in ourselves .

         And by achieving our dream we can re-create our destiny. 

The Bride

I woke up. Evening. Time was barely 6:00 pm. I was alone. No idea where i was. I started thinking about the place where i was kept. There might be a reason for this. There always a reason behind anything. First two questions ; WHY? and WHERE?. I was scared and i think that was normal. One should be scared if such incident happens or i might say incidents. It happend to me when i was a child. I think the time was same and i was lying on the sofa. I checked the house. There was no bed. I thought how weird would be a house without a bed. I was a child and i wasn’t afraid because i thought that was a dream. But suddenly i heard screams. I was very scared and they were gone. One thing about me i always hated marriages. Because then you have to see the bride from whom i always feared. No problem i was a child. I was thinking about all this and someone said “Why are you afraid of me?” And somehow i knew that was a bride. I peed. Again no problem i was a child. I looked at her. Oh God! It scared the hell out of me. Her nails her teeth and blood everywhere. I thought she killed her husband. But there was no body. And she said “I killed him”. I said “whom?” and she said something which i didn’t understand. I think she was speaking another language. She said “wanna know how” and before i replied she came towards me screaming like earlier i had stolen her ice-cream and bang mommy wake me up. I was so happy that it was a dream. Nothing to be afraid of. 

     Next day i dreamt and all i heard was” I WILL COME FOR YOU”.

         I was thinking about all this. I even laughed one or two times thinking about old times and i thought it was also a dream. And then a scary vibe came to me. I said to myself “you never know when you are dreaming”. I pinched myself. It was real. I felt pain. I heard someone gasping behind me. I turned back. She was very ugly. Blood everywhere. I turned straight. Removing her from my sight. She was a bride. The same bride. She wispered in my ear “DID YOU MISS ME?”